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Behavioral Health

We are pleased to offer you access to confidential online programs designed to assist with managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and substance abuse. These programs are offered in partnership with Cobalt/Magellan
Health at no cost to you.

​Your healthcare provider has determined that being screened and then possibly referred to one or more of these self help programs may be beneficial to you. The programs are interactive, self-directed, self-paced programs that can be accessed online,
in  the privacy of your own home, anytime, at your convenience.  Although the information is presented is general in nature and intended to improve your health, it is not meant to serve as a substitute for professional healthcare or assistance with
making medical decisions. We think you will find them beneficial and simple to use. We believe that, by using these programs, you can learn new skills to help feel better and prevent setbacks, Research studies have shown that, on average, users of these
programs experienced 50% fewer symptoms.

​Upon registration, you will be asked a series of behavioral health screening questions to assess your emotional well-being and determine which programs are appropriate for you. Your primary care provider will be notified of all results. Since protecting
your safety is our main concern, please note:

  • If you score in the "severe" range on any of your results, you will be contacted by a Magellan Care Manager for additional support and resources if you are an Independence Blue Cross (IBC) Member
  • If you score in the "severe" range on any of your results and are NOT an IBC member, your primary care provider will have access to your results and will follow-up with you for additional support and resources

​If at any time while using these programs, you have a medical emergency, your mood worsens, or you get thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, please seek urgent services as soon as possible. Our office if usually the right place to start with those
concerns and we may direct you to other settings as indicated.

​Your health and wellness are very important to us, we are pleased to be able to offer these programs as another way to partner with you in support of your healthcare needs, we look forward to to your feedback